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Hello, my name is Arthur Sigmund. Welcome to my site about farm equipment. Growing up, all of the kids on the farm had to learn how to operate the tractors at an early age. We drove the tractors around to haul tools and equipment used to maintain the field. We also learned how to properly maintain and repair the tractors. As we grew older, our responsibilities extend to other equipment used on the property. I will use this site to explore farm equipment use, maintenance and repair techniques. I hope you will learn a lot from my site. Thank you for visiting.

Why You Should Hire A Millwright Services Professional To Assist Your Company

1 December 2016
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In general, millwrights are individuals who operate heavy industrial machinery and they also can assist with maintenance on the same equipment. If your own agricultural or industrial-based company is growing, you likely are purchasing more and more equipment that will need to be operated, inspected, and repaired from time to time. Here are three reasons why you might want to consider hiring a millwright services professional to help you with these tasks. Read More …

Three Ways Farmers And Ranchers In North Dakota Can Remove Snow

27 September 2016
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It's not uncommon for some parts of North Dakota to get 50 inches of snow during the months of October through April. This means farmers and ranchers in the state have to be prepared to do some major snow removal seven months out of the year. Here are three effective ways to get that snow moved around and out of the way. Attachable Snow Plows for Pickup Trucks Many farmers and ranchers in North Dakota depend on a pickup truck for the day to day operations on their land. Read More …

Equipping Your Muck Boots For Adequate Snake Protection

19 April 2016
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If your line of work or hobby regularly puts you in close contact with venomous snakes, you can't assume that you will always see the snake in time. Rather than expose yourself to a potentially deadly bite, you should equip yourself with the right gear to block snake fangs before they can ever reach your skin. Because 85 percent of snake bites occur below the knee, your muck boots and their associated accessories will be your first line of defense against any angry snakes you come across. Read More …