Three Ways Farmers And Ranchers In North Dakota Can Remove Snow

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Three Ways Farmers And Ranchers In North Dakota Can Remove Snow

27 September 2016
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It's not uncommon for some parts of North Dakota to get 50 inches of snow during the months of October through April. This means farmers and ranchers in the state have to be prepared to do some major snow removal seven months out of the year. Here are three effective ways to get that snow moved around and out of the way.

Attachable Snow Plows for Pickup Trucks

Many farmers and ranchers in North Dakota depend on a pickup truck for the day to day operations on their land. Whether they need one for hauling bales of hay, pulling livestock trailers, or driving over rough terrain, a pickup truck is a must-have. Since many farmers and ranchers own a pickup truck, attaching a snow plow to it is a great way for them to move snow around.

Along with the attachable snow plow, a front hitch receiver must also be purchased. Snow plows can be used on most types of pickup trucks, including lightweight ones, and can be controlled with a remote control. 

Skid Steer Attachments

Another useful type of vehicle many farmers and ranchers in North Dakota have is a bobcat or skid steer. These powerful little vehicles are very compact and easy to maneuver. With the right attachments, a Bobcat can be used to not only remove heavy snow, but also slush and hard ice. Here are some of the best types of skid steer attachments to remove snow:

  • Angle broom - used for light snowfall on sidewalks and driveways
  • Scraper - works well for breaking up and removing ice and hard-packed snow
  • Snow bucket - works well for handling large volumes of snow
  • Snowblower - can blow and throw snow out of the way
  • Spreader - besides moving snow and ice, this attachment can be used to spread sand and salt 

Farmers and ranchers can look for a skid steer attachment online or they can check with their local implement dealer. 

Tractor Snowblower 

Another common vehicle found on many farms and ranches in North Dakota is a tractor.Both small and large tractors can be used for moving snow, all that's needed to hook up a snowblower to the tractor is a 3-point hitch and a power take-off (PTO) shaft. 

Whether farmers and ranchers choose to attach a snow plow to their pickup truck, purchase a skid steer attachment online, or get a snowblower for their tractor, it will lessen their chances of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere when it snows.