Equipping Your Muck Boots For Adequate Snake Protection

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Equipping Your Muck Boots For Adequate Snake Protection

19 April 2016
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If your line of work or hobby regularly puts you in close contact with venomous snakes, you can't assume that you will always see the snake in time. Rather than expose yourself to a potentially deadly bite, you should equip yourself with the right gear to block snake fangs before they can ever reach your skin. Because 85 percent of snake bites occur below the knee, your muck boots and their associated accessories will be your first line of defense against any angry snakes you come across. 

Choosing the Right Style of Boot

If you haven't purchased your next set of muck boots yet, you should be aware of the best and worst design choices for snake boots. Pick boots that are tall, waterproof and made from rugged, durable materials like leather, nylon or rubber. Some brands of muck boots are specifically designed with tougher snake shields attached to enhance bite protection from the start. Even if you have already purchased less than optimal boots, there are still options available to you in the form of separate accessories for your boots. 

Wearing Snake Protection Gaiters

For those who need to be on their feet and moving all day, snake gaiters are the lightest and most flexible snake protection equipment. These tough wraps are strapped around your boots, covering the top of your foot but remaining below the knees. This provides an extra layer of material between you and the snakes without restricting your movement or adding excessive weight to your extremities. These are best for working in woods and deserts, where snake bites are more likely to land below the knee. 

Buying Snake Leggings

Despite their name, snake leggings are not the latest hipster fashion trend. Instead, these slim-fitting guards extend over your knee and are typically made of a water-proof material like rubber. These are especially useful when you are wading through shallow water and are concerned about water snakes having higher access to your legs, but they are still relatively lightweight and flexible. 

Investing in Snake-Proof Chaps

If you find yourself regularly descending into swamps or descending through rocky snake habitats, chaps may be necessary to shield yourself adequately. Chaps are typically suspended from a belt and then strapped around the boots for more comprehensive coverage. In exchange for the added protection, however, you will lose some mobility. Choose chaps that are specifically formulated with snake bites in mind, as some general brands will not have the puncture resistance needed to stop a biting snake. With the right pair of muck boots and the right additional protection for your needs and environment, you can avoid the hazards and hassles of working around snakes and feel more secure every time you set foot in their territory. Go to sites that talk about snake bite prevention to learn more.