A Closer Look At Costs Associated With Well Installation | A Farm Owner's Guide

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A Closer Look At Costs Associated With Well Installation | A Farm Owner's Guide

26 August 2015
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Without an adequate water supply to your farm, it would not be a functional place and you would find it difficult to achieve many tasks, such as keeping livestock and crops watered or harvesting areas clean. Unfortunately, not every agricultural location will have the convenient ability to tap into a locally supplied water supply, which means you may have to have a well installed in order to get access to the water you need. Even though water well installation is nowhere near as expensive as most farmers think, many find themselves apprehensive about the costs associated. Here are a few of the most common questions concerning costs associated with water well installation. 

How much does it cost to have a well dug on your farm?

You will normally be charged for water well drilling by the foot. Therefore, if a contractor has to dig deeper to tap into natural groundwater reserves on your property, you will end up paying more. In general, you should expect to pay around $15 to $50 per foot, depending on the complexity of the terrain and how difficult your ground is to work with. 

Will the costs of well drilling include well pump installation?

Well pump installation is a separate component and will likely not be offered by the water well drilling contractor. However, some drilling contractors contract their own well pump service for pump installation if you hire them for a comprehensive well installation job, which can be a good way to save some money on the entire project as a whole. 

Wouldn't it be easier and less expensive to just install an irrigation pond?

Irrigation ponds are considered a short-term solution to a lacking water supply because they cannot consistently provide you with water over time. Even though installing an irrigation pond may be less expensive, you still have to come up with enough money to cover the costs of pump installation to carry the water from the pond to the desired housing tanks or holding areas. Plus, maintenance costs over time for an irrigation pond can be higher, especially in winter months when ground heaters will have to be used to keep the water supply from freezing over. 

In the end, a well will easily become one of the most valuable components of a working farm. For more information about installing a water well on your agricultural property, talk to a water well installation expert, like those at R & H Service Inc, with any questions you have.