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Hello, my name is Arthur Sigmund. Welcome to my site about farm equipment. Growing up, all of the kids on the farm had to learn how to operate the tractors at an early age. We drove the tractors around to haul tools and equipment used to maintain the field. We also learned how to properly maintain and repair the tractors. As we grew older, our responsibilities extend to other equipment used on the property. I will use this site to explore farm equipment use, maintenance and repair techniques. I hope you will learn a lot from my site. Thank you for visiting.

5 Ways To Get Your Young Horse Used To Traveling In A Trailer

17 August 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

As creatures of grasslands and plains, horses prefer bright, wide open spaces to enclosed, dark areas. In the wild, horses are one of the prime prey animals of large carnivores such as wolves, and their flight-or-fight instinct is correspondingly well-developed. This is one of the reasons why acclimating young horses to traveling in trailers may be challenging. Following are five ways you can make trailer travel as easy as possible on your young horse. Read More …