Reducing Your Annual Stone-Picking To Rubble: How Cone Crushers Can Help

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Reducing Your Annual Stone-Picking To Rubble: How Cone Crushers Can Help

26 November 2015
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As the frozen ground in winter moves rocks to the surface of your fields every winter, you begin to dread picking the rocks out before you can plow your fields. Even after you and your farmhands have picked all the rocks out, there is still the daunting and back-breaking work of placing the rocks in a pickup truck or dump truck and hauling them away. Instead of having to deal with all of the above, why not rent a cone crusher? These pull-behind machines can pulverize all of the stones and rocks you and your hands pull from the fields. Here is what that would look like, and what to do with the end product. 

Trailing the Cone Crusher Behind Your Tractor

Many cone crushers are designed to be pull-behind trailer editions. You could either attach it to the back of your tractor or the back of a pickup, whichever you prefer. As you move over the ground in your fields in the early spring or till your retired crops underground in late fall, your farm hands can pick up all of the rocks and stones they see and chuck them into the cone crusher. Once the crusher is full, you can haul it off the fields and back to your barnyard to grind up the rocks and stones.

Grinding the Rocks and Stones and What to Do with Them

There are two ways you can do this, but you might prefer one method over the other. The first method allows you to grind the stones and rocks in the fields as you go. If you grind them into very tiny pebbles, or pea gravel, you can just allow the pebbles or pea gravel to fall where it may out of the opposite end of the cone crusher. Many birds who come to pick at the remaining scraps of your crops will also pick up the pebbles or pea gravel and swallow it in order to place it in their gizzards where it helps grind their food. However, you will not want to do this year after year because eventually it will build up and be more than what the birds are willing to swallow.

The second method is to load up the cone crusher with all the rocks and stones you and your farmhands pick in the fields. Haul the crusher back to the barnyard and grind all of the rocks and stones there. This provides a very nice and sizable pile of gravel to cover your driveway and barnyard, keeping a lot of the mud and manure from collecting on your work boots. Your chickens and other fowl will also enjoy the fresh batch of gravel for use in their gizzards, thereby creating multiple uses for the pebbles and pea gravel created by the cone crusher.